Factory HVAC Maintenance in Columbus, Ohio

For more than 50 years, Comfortrol has successfully completed countless air conditioning and heating repair, design and installation projects for Factories within Columbus, Ohio. If you want your next Factory HVAC project to be done right and on time you need to call the best – Comfortrol.

Air Condition Repair for Factories in Columbus, OH

Experience AC Repair You Can Trust!

As part of our Factory air conditioning repair service, you will receive outstanding service from our technicians and office staff. With a perfect understanding of how important air conditioning is to your business, we therefore respond quickly and efficiently to every request for service.

Factory AC Installation and Design throughout Columbus Ohio

As a full service Factory and Industrial HVAC engineering design contractor, Comfortrol can handle all of your Factory air conditioning installation and needs. Starting with design parameters or general set of building specification, our designers can create a detailed set of Factory AC plans ready for submittal to the owner and/or building authority. Since 1966 Comfortrol has been providing Factory air conditioning installation and design for businesses throughout Columbus Ohio.

Repair Or Replace An Existing Factory AC Unit?

Comfortrol provides total building analysis and Factory air conditioning replacement expertise you need. We help you decide if repair or replacement is the best option. Therefore, we offer cost-effective HVAC equipment replacement systems that add value to your building investment. If your building has an existing AC system that needs to be replaced, then your new unit may not be the same size and capacity as the old one. Changes in the building such as additions, renovations, and duct size or load changes may also require a different size Factory air condition replacement.

Preventive Maintenance Plans for your AC Unit

As a leader in Factory HVAC services, we will tailor design a Factory air conditioning preventive maintenance plan for your unit. Our Factory air conditioning repair plans are designed to fit your business needs. We base the repair plan on the manufacturers’ recommended guidelines for your equipment. You will also further benefit from our Preferred Customer Pricing, which includes lower hourly charges as well as discounts on parts and equipment! If you would like to read more about our preventative maintenance plans, then give us a call today!

Advantage of a Factory Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan:

  • Priority services
  • Comfort in knowing your equipment is clean and running efficiently
  • You know what to expect for repairs and equipment life span
  • PM’s are performed by certified Factory HVAC service technicians
  • Your Number One Choice for Factory Air Conditioning Repair in Columbus, OH

We have many customer testimonials to back up our claims as one of the best and affordable Factory air conditioning repair specialists in Columbus Ohio. As a leader of Factory AC service, we can install and repair all brands, makes, and models. Our technicians are all licensed, bonded, and we also have an extensive portfolio and testimonials. If you need your Factory AC unit repaired today, then give us a call and we’ll be ready to assist!

Furnace Repair for Factory in Columbus, OH

Benefits of a Good Factory Heating and Furnace Design (HVAC)

Heating and furnace is vital to every business. If it’s the middle of winter and your heat is not working, then your employees and customers are not going to be happy. If you need a Factory heating and furnace design, then we can do it! HVAC systems account for 40-60% of the energy used in Factories. Our goal is to design system that works within your budget and saves energy without sacrificing comfort or air quality.

Factory Heating Repair

If your furnace system breaks down, then it’s imperative to have fixed as soon as possible. The skilled technicians at Comfortrol will evaluate the problem and work diligently to get your furnace running again. Our experts will also inspect your heating system and inform you whether or not it should be replaced. If you need your Factory heating system repaired, then call Comfortrol <strong>614-337-0111</strong> today!

Factory Heating Installation

Factory heating systems are designed to provide even warming across large spaces. Before you shop for a new heating system, spend some time thinking about your business’s heating needs. Consider your building’s architecture and whether or not you want to set the temperature of each area in your business individually.

The Factory Heating Installation Process

Experience in the installation and service of HVAC systems and the cost associated allows Comfortrol to design systems that are efficient to operate and easy to maintain. Extra effort is made to ensure customer satisfaction. A good return on investment and customer needs are always considered when we design a Factory heating system.

Factory HVAC Repair Columbus OH
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