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Overcoming VRV Installation Challenges with Slimduct RD

To be repurposed for government use, a building constructed in 1983, needed a complete redesign and renovation. Cooling and heating were one of the many areas needing a major upgrade.

Considering the requirements for energy effi ciency and precise zone control, the design engineers determined that the best solution would be a Daikin VRV system.

Project Info

  • Location: Westerville, OH
  • Building type: Government
  • Project type: Existing building, repurposed, redesigned and renovated
  • Year constructed: 1983
  • Number of floors: 1
  • Square footage: 24,000
  • Manufacturer of VRV equipment: Daikin
  • Mechanical contractor: Comfortrol
  • Master distributor in North America for Slimduct RD/PD: MarketAir

Once Comfortrol, the company hired to install the VRV system, saw the initial
blueprints, they realized that the type of lineset installation proposed would create maintenance problems in the future. “The original idea was to install all the linesets underground, from the point where they exited the building until they reached the condensers. This type of installation would be problematic” said Mike Cipollone, project manager for Comfortrol “Imagine having to break through concrete to address possible leaks or maintenance issues.” he continued.

Daikin, the VRV system manufacturer suggested they use Inaba Denko’s RD Commercial Lineset Covers.

Currently protecting hundreds of VRV/VRF lineset installations around the world, Slimduct RD is a cost-effective and labor-saving way to enclose and protect exposed lineset layouts. Mike got in touch with Gerry Spanger from MarketAir.

They started discussing the project which culminated in new drawings using Slimduct RD for the main duct and Slimduct PD, (a supplementary PVC lineset enclosure system) from the main duct to each condenser, thus eliminating the need for extra concrete work or burying linesets underground.

Even better, since both Slimduct RD & PD can easily be accessed, lineset
maintenance would no longer be an issue. “This was the fi rst time I’ve worked with Slimduct Commercial lineset enclosures, so I had some struggles in the beginning, however, Gerry was not only very helpful but was instrumental in getting the design finalized,” said Mike.

Slimduct RD Benefits

  • Protects the linesets from mechanical and weather damage
  • Preserves the energy effi ciency of the air conditioning system
  • Multiple fi ttings available for easy on-site customization
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Optional anti-slip Walkway surface allows workers to walk on the cover for easy access and maintenance
  • Compact design uses less space than conventional racking systems
  • Professional and stylish finish
  • Enhances the appearance of the entire installation

Slimduct RD features a proprietary anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant, hot-dipped and chromium-free coating made of zinc, aluminum and magnesium, which provides a more durable alternative to galvanized steel. This tough and rugged product also features a highly professional fi nish that blends in perfectly with any type of commercial building.

A total of 9 VRV systems were installed. To direct the refrigerant fl ow to each
designated zone, the 9 condensers were connected to about 30 branch boxes
spread throughout the building. The client was very pleased, not only with the VRV installation, but with the overall clean look provided by the Slimduct RD lineset covers.

Providers Contact

MarketAir Inc.
(732) 985-8226

Comfortrol Heating & Air Conditioning
(614) 337 – 0111

Columbus Commercial HVAC Air Conditioning Service & Heating Repair

  • Comfortrol sales and engineering staff are great to work with on project. And their repair department is quick to respond to any repair needs. I look forward to working with them again in the future

    Dave Foley TechSouth Development Co. LLC
  • I have worked with Comfortrol for over ten years, and continue to use them whenever I can. Comfortrol has always provided excellent work at a reasonable price; their overall competence and ethical behavior make them a pleasure to deal with.

    Thomas J. Oswald, Vice President R.W. Setterlin Building Company
  • Dear Mike, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how delighted I was with the design, pricing, and function of the HVAC system you provided for our recent 10,000 sq. ft. addition. We had always had problems with humidity control from our running spas in our main showroom. In fact, we had to install special fans just to keep the condensation from continually fogging and dripping down our main windows. Your pricing was fair, the workmanship and equipment provided was excellent, and your service after the sale, has been great. If we ever expand again, you will be our HVAC Company.

    Spencer Jacobs President Sciota Valley
  • To the Comfortrol Team, Comfortrol was a valued team member on the design and construction of our new office building. They were instrumental in helping meet our LEED goal.

    Mark Setterlin Executive Vice President-LEED AP RW Setterlin Building Company
  • Dear Mike, We want to thank and congratulate you and your team on completing the Centerpoint I expansion ahead of schedule. It proved to be a very challenging project that couldn’t have been completed without the hard work and persistence of you and your team. Please share our appreciation with them. Again, thank you for all your diligence and support during the completion of this expansion.

    Matt Kiriluk KIRCO Columbia Center Troy, Michigan
  • Mike, We just wanted to thank you for the job your company did on the CP#1 Building Expansion project. We completed the 462,000 sq. ft. expansion in 980 days, and Comfortrol being on the team was a real benefit. We look forward to the next one.

    Steve Wolf Project Manger EXXCEL Project Manager
  • Comfortrol helped us out on a project when we were in a tough situation, and they came through and completed the work. They were dependable and did everything we asked them to do.

    Brian Barranger Project Manager Continental Building Systems
  • Mike Kimmet and his company, Comfortrol, have consistently performed with excellence in both the bid/spec arena and design/build projects for GLR Inc. Always look forward to doing business with Mike when working in Ohio.

    Wade A. Renicker V.P. Operations GLR, Inc.
  • Comfortrol has completed two projects for us this summer in a campus setting with significant schedule milestones that had to be met. It was a pleasure working through the sequencing with your Team and completing the projects on time.

    Andy Kittle LEED AP Project Engineer Corna Kokosing
  • I have worked with Mike Kimmet for 10 years on over 300,000 sq ft of construction. Comfortrol is one of my favorite mechanical contractors. As a general contractor I need trustworthy, attentive, competitive subcontractors. Comfortrol exemplifies these qualities. I would use Mike for any project that I am involved with.

    Pete Nelson Project Coordinator The McKnight Group
  • The guys, Jack and Matt, were great to work with. And I know I speak for all the ATS Guys working at 535 Enterprise Drive the AC is working great. Another job well done by Comfortrol.

    ATS Automation
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