Commercial HVAC Retrofit | HVAC Replacement Columbus

Comfortrol provides total building analysis and HVAC equipment replacement expertise you need, whether you’re replacing a current system or adding on to your building. We offer cost-effective HVAC equipment replacement systems that add value to your building investment.

If your building has an existing system that needs to be replaced, your new unit may not be the same size and capacity as the old one. Changes in the building such as additions, renovations, and duct size or load changes may require a different size HVAC equipment replacement.

Advantages of the Right-Sized HVAC System

Choosing the proper size of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment replacement is critical to the performance and efficiency of your system. In addition to reducing energy consumption, proper sizing will:

  • Reduce noise
  • Low first cost for equipment
  • Reduce equipment footprint
  • Optimize equipment operation
  • Proper humidity control
  • Extend heat exchanger life cycle

For optimum results and energy efficiency, Comfortrol will perform thorough analysis of your existing HVAC system to determine proper sizing of your equipment replacement. Thus, having the right HVAC equipment replacement can provide value that  pays dividends long into the future.

Energy Tips for Commercial Buildings

  • Replace rooftop units with high-efficient models. They can reduce operating cost by 15-30%.
  • Ensure that the building HVAC units are equipped with commercial grade programmable thermostats.
  • Ensure the economizers on your air conditioning units are functioning properly.
  • Ensure exhaust fans are off and outside air is not being brought in when building is unoccupied.
  • Install CO sensors and controls that limit the outside based on people load.

Comfortrol  Experience | HVAC Retrofit & HVAC Equipment Replacement Columbus, OH

Comfortrol has been replacing and retrofitting commercial HVAC systems for over forty (40) years. Presently, we work with many local developers and property owners that trust and have confidence in our abilities.  At Comfortrol we not only can handle your replacement HVAC, but we can handle new construction commercial air conditioning design and planning.