Commercial and Industrial HVAC Repair Service Columbus | FAQs

Questions from Customers about Comfortrol HVAC Repair Services:

Do you service and repair boilers, chillers, make up air, direct fired make up air, water sources heat pumps, cooling towers, DDC controls (direct digital control), zone systems, air balance?
Yes HVAC Repair Service Columbus

How soon could you do the free inspection?
We can be at your facility within a few days.

Do you have “full coverage” maintenance program?
Yes, full coverage covers all service calls or parts or both.

If I rent (as the leasee) I don’t think I am responsible for maintenance. Most leasees are responsible for maintenance and repair. How many technicians do you have?
Eight highly skilled commercial technicians.

Why should I consider Comfortrol? I am happy with my current company.
Cost!! Response time, quality and capability.

How far will you travel?
Usually in a 50 mile radius of Columbus.

At Comfortrol we can handle all of your commercial and Industrial HVAC repair service in Columbus, OH. Contact us for additional services including air conditioning spec contractor services.

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